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Created on 2012-01-01 20:41:56 (#1360651), last updated 2012-02-02 (294 weeks ago)

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Name:EPIC RP: where there is much mastershipping
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"the room" is full of evil, alder x cheren, angst, avacados, bacon sandwiches, book discussions, clair draconis, clair's hidden dere feelings, clair/silver bromance, curry, danger-prone silver did it again!, desk sex, don't touch jeb or tori will kill you, dragonite x typhlosion, drama, drive-by sue cameos, eevees, elise cynthia crawford, elise is so adorbs, elise/molly bromance, ethan is a derp, ethan taylor, ethan's inherent moe-ness, ethan/silver bromance, fluff, giovanni and ariana the fail parents, gold taylor, grocery shopping, haunter x kadabra, humor, hurt/comfort, jeb and molly's epic self-esteem issues, jeb is so moe, jeb pwned petrel good, jeb's clumsiness is adorable, jeb/silver bromance, jebri, joe is awesome, joe kramer, john edward brunett "jeb" parmalee, kris allen, kris's hidden dead boyfriend angst, kris/tori bromance, lance and silver's sex life, lance draconis, lance is a sap, lance punching giovanni, lance x silver, lance's epic love for silver, lexi is epic, lexi stop making sara baw over mastershipping, loki the head pet, lyra allen, lyra is a sweetie, lyra x clair x ethan, marril's silliness, mastershipping, maxie's epic boob-hugs, moe boys, molly is so moe, molly nevins, movie discussions, mt. silver is evil, officer chan and the chan clan, pastry is a delicious source of evil, peanut butter cups, pikachu's cuteness, pokemon, pokemon antics, pwning team rocket, ramen, rod getting arrested, sara is so mean to silver, shower sex, silver draconis, silver is cute, silver needs hugs, silver/lyra bromance, silver/molly bromance, silver: huge derp or hugest derp?, smut, sneasel the sneak, sweets, team rocket is batshit crazy, the family silver chose, the neverending story is made of love, threesome relationships, tori and silver's epic daddy issues, tori and silver: team fail cook, tori x jeb, tori's protectiveness, tori/jeb/molly bromance, tori/silver bromance, trisha is made of fail, tsunderes, tv discussions, victoria "tori" marie crawford
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